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I have been fortunate enough to find leaders who are passionate about their brands. Beauty is rarely a discussion point. They want bottom dollar results. That’s where we chime together. I have been fortunate in my working life to work with big thinkers, doers, risk-takers, people who know what they want and are willing to pay for it. When these people trust me, I will rise to any occasion.

As often happens, I was introduced to a recent client through a friend. Once I met MaryAnn Guerra, I knew her communication style would mesh well with mine. She is open and direct. She speaks honestly.

MaryAnn hired Visual Intent, my branding and design firm, to develop a mark for her new company, Aesthetics Biomedical. As the CEO, MaryAnn had some very well-defined thoughts about her brand. She was also courageous enough to let me run with my creative ideas. The result was a logo and a tagline, “The Perpetual Pursuit of Perfection.”

The name of the company lends itself to a starting point for the brand design. As I began to work with Maryann, I started thinking of color and shapes. I found myself reaching for a very old sans serif font borrowed from a vintage calligraphy pen. We mechanicalized this old, classic font, and brought it back into the world for 2016.

For the mark, we took the “A” and emphasised the point (like a shooting star) with an elegant representation of the infinity symbol. The brand is striving—always moving—toward perfection. My passion for hand typography comes in here, because the beauty and the elegance of the mark are so eloquently expressed with the classic font.

I asked MaryAnn to comment on the process of taking her brand from a “blank piece of paper” (her words) to a fully created logo with more brand assets being created every day.

“Mike took a brand with several complicated angles and created an upscale and elegant brand identity,” MaryAnn said. “The way he translated all of what we do, from the infinity symbol to the tagline, to the perception that not only are our customers trying to evolve at the personal level, but we’re also trying to evolve our products and brand, that’s what Mike can do very creatively.”

MaryAnn’s brand development so far leans on the precision of the medical world. It’s not a pumped up or “fluff”space. It’s beauty. Science. Precision. Simplicity. They all go hand in hand.

Next up for Maryann and her brand: we’re currently working on various projects, developing the brand assets for various environments. It’s a simple process and also a mountain of work. But this is where my passion lies: visual communications laced with simplicity.

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