Root for the Home Team: Grand Junction Rockies Logo Design

It was a brand guy and sports fan’s dream: develop the logo for the brand-new Grand Junction Rockies, the minor league affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. The combination of America’s game and the spirit of community was a powerful draw.

My assignment came from client Michael Baker of Gold Crown Management (and a minority co-owner of the team). From the start, we knew the new logo should have its own identity rooted in Grand Junction but also pay homage to the Denver-based Rockies.

The new logo was crucial to building community support as the team relocated from Casper, WY to Grand Junction. After several design rounds, we emerged with two logos: the primary logo containing design elements similar to the Colorado Rockies logo, but also highlighting the Grand Mesa stylized as two baseball caps. This subtle treatment of Grand Junction’s largest claim to fame was important. Both Michael and I knew we had to get the logo right to help spur hometown adoption for the new team playing at Sam Suplizio field.

“We’re proud of the fact that we’re a Grand Junction team,” Michael Baker says. “We want the face of our organization to be Grand Junction. It’s a simple design that really resonates with the local community, and people wear the logo with pride.”

The secondary logo is a “GJ” ligature that echoes the “CR” in the Colorado Rockies design. Both marks are popular on merchandise and signage.

After the logo was developed and put into use in 2012, I experienced the great joy of seeing my work copied by kids. The logo has been extremely successful and adopted by the community. I am proud of this.

“Mike was wonderful in terms of his openness and consideration of the logo design,” Michael says. “Our brand is very much about hometown pride, and what he created really helped us get there.”

Often, design is more about the client’s story rather than the creative process. This was true in my work with the Grand Junction Rockies. I am cheering for this hometown team this summer, and always.

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